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If you're interested in renting equipment from us, here's how it works.

Our process:


Step 1 - Tell us about the equipment you'd like to rent and how long you'd like to rent it for

Step 2 - Answer a few questions about your business to ensure you can afford the rental payments

Step 3 - Agree on the terms of the rental agreement including the monthly payment and any usage conditions


Step 4 - We'll buy the asset on your behalf or buy it from you if you already own it


Step 5 - Use the asset to grow your business whilst you make ongoing rental payments 


Step 6 - Acquire the asset from us at the end of the contract, or alternatively, either rent it for a further period or hand it back to us. 


The documentation we require:


  • Equipment specification

  • Quote from seller or supplier (if alternate brand)

  • Commercial registration certificate

  • Copy of identification card

  • Six months worth of bank statements

  • Available audited accounts (up to three years)

  • Most recent management information

  • SIMAH credit report

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association.


For Equity Rent agreements, we will also require: 

  • Proof of ownership

  • Proof of no pledges, charges or encumbrances.


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