If you're interested in renting equipment from us, here's how it works.

Our process:


Step 1 - Tell us about the equipment you'd like to rent and how long you'd like to rent it for

Step 2 - Answer a few questions about your business to ensure you can afford the rental payments

Step 3 - Agree on the terms of the rental agreement including the monthly payment and any usage conditions


Step 4 - We'll buy the asset on your behalf or buy it from you if you already own it


Step 5 - Use the asset to grow your business whilst you make ongoing rental payments 


Step 6 - Acquire the asset from us at the end of the contract, or alternatively, either rent it for a further period or hand it back to us. 


The documentation we require:


  • Equipment specification

  • Quote from seller or supplier (if alternate brand)

  • Commercial registration certificate

  • Copy of identification card

  • Six months worth of bank statements

  • Available audited accounts (up to three years)

  • Most recent management information

  • SIMAH credit report

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association.


For Equity Rent agreements, we will also require: 

  • Proof of ownership

  • Proof of no pledges, charges or encumbrances.


Linklease Arabia is a division of the Rabiah and Nassar Group, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Contact us:

Tel +966 56 777 5894


30979, Khobar 31952

King Abdullah Road

Al Khobar

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Whether it's gaining access to new equipment or unlocking the value of existing equipment, we've got a long-term rental solution that’s as unique as your business.